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  • RE: reconnect SW agent


    The agent service should automatically start and stop when the PC comes up or goes down.

    Have you looked at the service to make sure it's running? It's called Echo Networks Service.

    When you installed, you were sure to be doing so as Administrator?

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  • RE: Smart Outlets

    Good to hear. Glad you were able to get it done.

    Having an account isn't really important. It can be convenient if someone if regularly buying things but outside of that, guess works fine.

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  • RE: Smart Outlets

    Yes, that's odd. That would take longer to figure out.

    I think you can purchase as a guest? If that's an option, you could use that.

    I'll have to have someone check on that part this week.

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  • RE: Smart Outlets

    Can you try it again? I think it might be ok now.

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  • RE: Smart Outlets


    Something must have accidentally changed. Let me take a look, fix it then update this thread.

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  • RE: Gaps in Pings Graph in Dashboard

    As an update, there is another thread in the forums where someone has around 30 agents and some random problems were coming up.

    After months of testing, we were finally able to isolate the problem and we thought it was fixed.

    Additional logs provided to us using the latest version shows that the problem is still there in some form or another.

    The agent uses a multithreaded method and it seems that in some cases, one of the threads can spiral out of control causing the agent to miss sending some data now and then.

    What's probably happened from looking at your reports is that the agent missed sending pings because the rest of the data looks consistent while the missing pings have no associated missing communications.

    In other words, when those pings were missed, the gaps, the agent was still communicating which tells us it failed to send the pings in those times.

    When you see gaps, you can always look at your outages to see if there was an outage at the same time. If so, you can discount the missing ping/heartbeat as it makes sense since the agent was not able to communicate. Otherwise, you can attribute the gaps to the problem we are now working on and will release an update once tested.

    The biggest challenge with offering online services is that when folks come across problems, they usually prefer to blame the service and tell others how bad it is.

    The fact is, if people took the time to let the service know about the problems, they will always do everything possible to fix any problems to keep hard-earned members.

    Thank you for pointing this out.

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  • RE: Agents is running but not reporting

    I only brought it up because it might work at least in some locations for you. In terms of installation, they simply to connect it to a free DHCP port.

    Anyhow, I have some good news. The log you sent seems to have been a lot more useful than I thought.
    The dev found two things that could spiral some threads out of control causing the agent to stop communicating.

    It would explain why in some cases, it looks like the service is down but it's actually not, it's the agent itself that is stuck. In other cases, it might cause the service to get shut down depending on what's running on the server.

    This kind of problem is the worse possible because it's so random making it very hard to test as the only thing we can do is wait for it to finally misbehave.

    So it seems there will be another update as soon as this is fixed.

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  • RE: Gaps in Pings Graph in Dashboard


    Thank you.

    An initial look shows that you have had at least six actual IP outages but the rest is not clear.

    We reviewed your reports and the truth is we are not sure why there are gaps.
    We have something called 'inactive' that are logged when an agent is no longer communicating for a while so we'll try to match those with the gaps.

    I would suggest that you just dismiss those for now since they don't seem to indicate a problem at your end.
    We will keep an eye on the reports on the back end to see if we can spot something.

    The outages however show that there is something on your end that is preventing the agent from communicating.

    Take a look at that article, it has a bunch of suggestions from cables to signal levels. Most routers have a dashboard where you can view the signal levels. You should be able to look that info up on how to access that through a search with your make/model.

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  • RE: Agents is running but not reporting

    There are a lot of things we'd like to add and something like this could be done but we simply don't have the resources at this time.

    Most of our members are using the service for free while development and ongoing costs are very high. We actually want to have a free version that can help people and want to add features that organizations would be willing to buy.

    We have a hard time advertising, constantly being outbid by large ISP's and outage sites that would prefer people never learn about a service like ours. We work mainly by word of mouth advertising.

    I think it would be a good idea and I'll pass it along to development but I think you are the only person that's asked about this.

    BTW, if the hardware agent could work for you, you don't have to ship them around the world. If you can buy them to have them shipped inside each country you are in, we offer a service where we could prep them from remote for $20.00 each.

    This way, you would not have to update software, it would be done automatically each time there is a release.

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  • RE: Gaps in Pings Graph in Dashboard

    Keep in mind that the heartbeat graph isn't something you really use, it's just a quick indicator to know if the agent is communicating.

    If you don't see outages on or around the same times as missing pings, it was probably not an IP outages but something else. In terms of outages, there's the bar graph, again, just to show a visual of problems.
    In Extended reports, there is also historical information but if your case, it looks like most if not all of the issues you might be experiencing are on the local network.

    If you share the agent ID, I can take a look.

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