@outagesio_support I guess I'd look at it the other way and think of who would pay for the paid version then try to increase userbase on the free. Users like myself would never pay the fee for premium not because I think the service isn't worth it (i'm here discussing with you after all) but because for $70 a year i could get a small vm for the same sort of money I could also do other stuff with.

The data produced has value too because if it gained enough support it could hold ISPs to account, which is what attracted me to what you guys were doing in the first place.

Where are the costs? My guess

Development which you have to do anyway Hosting the service (graphs, analytics) Hosting the endpoint Building support for the agents on different platforms.

The last two you could get community support with, the first two if you wanted community support you'd have to open source your software which you likely don't want to do or you would have done it already. Maybe if the agent wrote metrics locally in a logfile or something that could be included in free?