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Automatically monitor your Internet service and provider with optional alerts to problems
Monitor your Internet services or devices to ensure they are always online. Tracks Internet connectivity and speeds with useful proof. For Windows, Linux, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board, etc).
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  • Trying to install on Linux

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    Thanks for feedback.

    They key to getting the best reports is to run the agent on something that can remain on 24/7 if possible. If that is not your main PC, then a very low cost second PC or a hardware agent. The only way to really know what is going on is to log everything non stop, at least for a while so you can also see trends.

  • Attempting to Install Linux Agent

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    Great news, thanks for letting us know.

    Correct, rather than let unsuccessful agent installs pile up, they are automatically removed in 24hrs is not completed.

    Feel free to ask anything you need right here, we'll always try to help. The documentation is not always current because we made huge changed from end of last year until about a couple of months ago and still working on those things in the background.

    It's more efficient to answer questions here.

  • What is /deviceid ?

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    It turns out that line is not needed for Linux based installations and was left over from some testing.

    All of those scripts have been updated. No need to download it again, simply remove that line.

    Thanks for catching that and letting us know.

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    Sure, we could add that.

    I quickly tested using a word I knew would not exist on the server and of course it promptly logged me out of the server.

    Great, it works, now maybe I should use it in the script next time :).

    The script has already been updated.

    Thanks very much for the suggestion.

  • Suggested change to linux install script

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    Thankyou very much.

    Just in terms of how I'm using outagesio, I've been having a number of issues/outages with my home broadband lately, so was just looking for a simple and lightweight tool to do constant monitoring, with the aim of having list of outages to discuss when I contact their support line.

  • Curl malformed url

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    The hardware agents are great because there is nothing to do, simply connect it, power it up and it's on the job monitoring the Internet connection 24/7. And, they are even self updating.

    That said, I would strongly suggest looking at the demo, trying the free Windows version, becoming a bit familiar with the service if you haven't done that first to make sure it will give you what you need.

  • Curl malformed url

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    LOL, I was just about to say…

    Glad you got it running :).

  • in a docker container

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    sure let's do that :+1:

  • In A Mess

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    OK. So let's close this thread.
    I have reverted to windows everything is working and data is being processed.
    I will attempt the Linux on again but will purchase another mini pc at some point.
    Would be nice if there was an installer for Linux as there is for windows, so there must be a reason that this has not been done, I do not know or understand.
    Thanks to all who have offered assistance and provided comment, I need to familiarise myself with the Linux system before trying again.
    Anyway now on windows 10 pro, windows 10S did not work to many restrictions and hoops to jump through.

    Thanks All

  • New script isn't working

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    It runs successfully:

    curl -m 20 -s -u ZBjlLzGSC5:MB9rPpfVAUjwZO12RmqsI7bLJcWTiQGED5HleaF3 --connect-timeout 10 -X POST -F function=receive_binary_location

    I created a new agent and it worked with no issues, so I'm good to go now.


  • Agent Ping graph stopped working

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    Ok, so at least we know that pings can be sent when the agent is able to get them.

    When I checked earlier, the agent had no pings to send which means it wasn't getting any results from the operating system.

    The pings aren't really important in terms of being an accurate measurement. They are mainly being sent as information that could be useful in some situations but mostly to see if there is a substantial change in latency between point A and point B.

    If pings latency goes up by a certain percentage, the agents algorithm considers that this could mean something happening and can trigger a speed test for example and other tests.

    However, if pings aren't being sent, it means the agent is not running right as ICMP is one of several functions used to also determine if there is an IP outages.

    All that to say, it's important that you see pings being sent to the dashboard.

    Since restarting the agent got pings going again, to me, it means maybe there is something on the OS that is monitoring certain behavior and limiting something like ICMP.

    I would rule out the agent as having a bug because we would have seen it by now as there are many others running the same version.

    These can be a bit hard to figure out sometimes. Let's see what happens next.

    In terms of running as a service, I think this is what you are looking for.
    Monitor your Internet with raspberry pi, nanopi and other arm devices

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    I checked everything.
    It seems I had the wrong keys.
    Now works
    Thanks for your time

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    Those refurbs come up now and then but we no longer have any at the moment sorry.