Ok, well, based on everything you've told me, the problems are no matter if you are using wireless or wired and directly connected to the providers router.

Your next task would be to check the signal levels on your providers router. Most, if not all cable routers will have a status page showing signal levels. You just need to look up the info for your own device and how you log into that. Most times, it's a default admin/admin login since there's nothing to config, just view.

As your LAN IP for the device you have the agent running on is 192.168.0.x, then your router access should be either or

Can you see a status page if you go to this IP from something inside your house? If so, if you need to log in, you'll have to dig on the net for default login credentials.

Your input suggests that either the router/modem is suffering signal loss or its at the street level coming into your house.

If you ask neighbors if they also experience such problems, then it will likely mean that the providers local device serving others in your neighborhood is having a problem.

Providers will usually never admit to problems outside your home unless others are complaining or it's very obviously affecting your own service.

We have many experiences where we've told the provider exactly where the problem was but they would barely acknowledge our information or flat out deny it. Later, services mysteriously get better.

Here's a great example of such a story.

Our local Internet provider would not admit it

If you can confirm signal levels, then contact your provider and ask them to look at the signal levels on your router/modem. If they tell you it's fine and the problems continue, you could ask others in your area to also use OutagesIO and then we could help you confirm issues are affecting others and you could post on their social pages.

OutagesIO is just a tool, it cannot solve the problems of course but it gives you the information you need to get your provider to get things fixed. Like all tools, you use all peices of information together to come to a conclusion.

Hope all this helps.