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    Thank you!!! All reported times (pings, hops, etc) seem to be spot-on here. You guys are the absolute best!!

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    Ok, well, based on everything you've told me, the problems are no matter if you are using wireless or wired and directly connected to the providers router.

    Your next task would be to check the signal levels on your providers router. Most, if not all cable routers will have a status page showing signal levels. You just need to look up the info for your own device and how you log into that. Most times, it's a default admin/admin login since there's nothing to config, just view.

    As your LAN IP for the device you have the agent running on is 192.168.0.x, then your router access should be either or

    Can you see a status page if you go to this IP from something inside your house? If so, if you need to log in, you'll have to dig on the net for default login credentials.

    Your input suggests that either the router/modem is suffering signal loss or its at the street level coming into your house.

    If you ask neighbors if they also experience such problems, then it will likely mean that the providers local device serving others in your neighborhood is having a problem.

    Providers will usually never admit to problems outside your home unless others are complaining or it's very obviously affecting your own service.

    We have many experiences where we've told the provider exactly where the problem was but they would barely acknowledge our information or flat out deny it. Later, services mysteriously get better.

    Here's a great example of such a story.

    Our local Internet provider would not admit it

    If you can confirm signal levels, then contact your provider and ask them to look at the signal levels on your router/modem. If they tell you it's fine and the problems continue, you could ask others in your area to also use OutagesIO and then we could help you confirm issues are affecting others and you could post on their social pages.

    OutagesIO is just a tool, it cannot solve the problems of course but it gives you the information you need to get your provider to get things fixed. Like all tools, you use all peices of information together to come to a conclusion.

    Hope all this helps.

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    We don't list Inactives in the reports because those very much confuse people but you can set notifications as you have which is why you see the email but nothing in the reports.

    The main objective of the service is to show confirmed IP outages, mainly on the LAN and especially with the provider. All other data is simply helpful in trying to diagnose what is happening.

    In other words, what you don't see is sometimes what the problem is. In this case, we're not seeing a lot of IP outages but we know there are disconnections. This tells us that the problem might be failing hardware or bad signal levels somewhere.

    Here is what I see for the 27th so far.

    Event Beginning at
    Online 2022-01-27 12:31:12
    Inactive 2022-01-27 12:31:09
    Online 2022-01-27 12:11:43
    Inactive 2022-01-27 12:11:39
    Online 2022-01-27 09:57:03

    This is something we see internally only.

    We are working on a consolidated report that will show all of the metrics together in a way that will hopefully explain everything that's going on, in one correlated view.
    This has been a huge challenge however for many reasons but we're working on it.

    Inactive and Disconnection statuses do not automatically mean IP outages, it just means something stopped working. The agent is not able to communicate with the OutagesIO network but we don't know why since it doesn't seem to be IP related otherwise, the agent should always pick those up. Could be a bad cable, could be signal levels, something along those lines.

    So far, the agent was able to confirm that there was just one IP outage that lasted one minute and fifteen seconds but all other issues appear to be non IP related.

    This might help explain how the agent works a little and there are other articles in that section that also explain how things work.

    Aabout Internet outages alerts and agent statuses

    When you have problems like these, if you can find another location using the same provider in the same area that would be willing to monitor, it becomes quite eye opening if both locations seem to be experiencing the same problems.

    There is another person experiencing something similar who has been posting in the forums in the past few days too.

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    @johnmeyer My suggestion would be to keep monitoring to see if you can find a pattern since it's different from when this question started.

    Once you spot something, post a new question with those details and maybe we can offer a little insight.