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Automatically monitor your Internet service and provider with optional alerts to problems
Monitor your Internet services or devices to ensure they are always online. Tracks Internet connectivity and speeds with useful proof. For Windows, Linux, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board, etc).
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    Notice: This change only valid from Dec 15th, 2023

    Missing hops warning

    Before a new agent can be licensed, it must be communicating correctly with our network.

    When installed correctly, the OutagesIO agent will troubleshoot your Internet service and provider automatically, logging all problems and showing them in your dashboard.

    No hops and/or no pings

    If you do not see 'sending updated hops' in the Recent events, Agent Communications section or pings in the Pings graph section, it means your agent is not working correctly.

    One of the tests involved in connectivity monitoring is source/destination ICMP.
    If your agent cannot fully communicate with our network, it will not be able to log and confirm problems for you.

    The most common reason for this problem is failing to use the Administrator account when installing our software.

    MUST install with full admin privileges

    If installed on Windows, you must be logged in with FULL administrator privileges.

    Installing without full administrator rights typically prevents the installer from updating the Windows firewall to give the agent ICMP access to the Internet.

    This would prevent the agent from running some of the tests required in order to detect Internet problems.

    Some reasons why ICMP could be blocked include;

    Firewall/virus scanner

    The Windows machine running the agent may be blocking ICMP with its firewall or virus scanner. The rule may not have been added during the installation stage.

    Network firewall

    No matter if using our PC software or our hardware agent, the local network router/modem firewall may be blocking ICMP.

    How do I know when my agent is working properly?

    You will know when your agent is communicating correctly once you see 'sending updated hops' in the Recent Events section of your dashboard and pings coming into the Pings graph further down the same page.

    Once your agent is communicating correctly, you will be able to see the 'License your agent' option to finalize the installation and start monitoring your Internet and service provider.

    If you have problems solving this issue, please feel free to post in our forums and we will try to help you.

  • We LOVE hearing how you are or have used OutagesIO to solve Internet issues.
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    We love hearing from members that used OutagesIO, working with their Internet provider to find connectivity issues.

    Broadband outages solved with free software version of OutagesIO

    OutagesIO can be used by consumers, MSP's, ISP's, employers with remote employees, telehealth, security systems, remote equipment rooms, anything Internet connected. Monitor any number of locations with alerts to connectivity problems.

  • About the site, services, privacy policy, informative articles.
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    If you run a Ubuntu desktop or server, you can easily install the OutagesIO Internet monitoring agent to constantly monitor your connection.

    Here is a link to the article on our marketing site.

    Monitor Your Internet With Ubuntu Desktop Or Server

  • Read only - Announcing new features and sharing some of the release notes.
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    Notice to our valued members,

    We're excited to announce some upcoming enhancements to our service! It's time we evolve to provide all members with more value.

    Introducing our new subscription model

    To offer all members a feature-rich experience, we're transitioning our Community reports into a staging view.

    The change is that the Community reports as you see them now will no longer be in this view. Instead, the page will become the staging view, to ensure that an agent is configured, ready to communicate, and therefore ready to be licensed.

    Licensing means upgrading to our Extended reports with a subscription, unlocking all the features designed to elevate your experience.

    Why the Change?

    We're committed to continuously improving and adapting to meet our customers demands.
    Our Community view does provide all of what OutagesIO can do for you while our Extended reports have everything we offer.
    This evolution reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier service and sustainable growth, benefiting our members.

    What This Means for You

    More features, more value: With our subscription model, you'll gain access to advanced tools and reports, making troubleshooting a breeze.

    A commitment to quality: Your subscription supports ongoing enhancements and ensures we can keep delivering the high-quality service you deserve.

    New Pricing, Same Exceptional Service

    We'll be adjusting our pricing from $4.00 to $5.99/month, a small change for a big upgrade in service and features. This still remains below our previous rate of $7.00/month.

    Hardware owners

    For hardware owners, we are offering a $40.00 package for one year. This package is a one-time payment. Once the year is up, you may opt for a month-to-month subscription.
    Purchase here

    Note: Only existing hardware agents that have been using our Community reports can be upgraded. Others are disqualified from this offer.

    Subscriptions will be grandfathered

    Any new subscriptions started before the pricing change of Dec 15th, 2023, will continue at the $4.00 rate until canceled by the member. When the pricing changes, all new agent subscriptions will be at the new pricing.

    Your subscription is an investment in a hassle-free, effective solution that saves you time and frustration by automating what can be a time-consuming task, monitoring your Internet and provider for performance data.

    Subscriptions help us to support members, improve, and add features in an economy where we have seen practically all of our costs going up, some, multiple times.

    We're excited to make these changes and we hope you will be also.

    Warm regards,
    OutagesIO Support Team