Automatically monitor your Internet service and provider with optional alerts to problems
Monitor your Internet services or devices to ensure they are always online. Tracks Internet connectivity and speeds with useful proof. For Windows, Linux, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board, etc).
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    All versions of our software now have downloads, uploads and latency in the results.

    This is something that had not been unified across all versions until now.

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    Good morning...

    My HW Agent (#130432) and SW Agent (#130431) are both reporting outages incorrectly. They are reporting a planned outage, due to my ISP (Comcast) performing repairs to the incoming connection to my building, as a LAN outage. This outage was an ISP outage due to no modem connection coming into my building.

    The SW Agent is running on one of my servers, and the HW Agent is plugged into a network port of a Cisco switch. Both are giving the same alert as a LAN related outage.

    Again, this was a planned network outage, as my ISP (Comcast) was making repairs to the lines serving my building, and the technician advised our incoming connection would be down for several minutes during the repair.

    I was wondering if this is a configuration issue on my end? Any advice or assistance would be appreciated.

    Thank you!