As explained earlier, when you see disconnections but no outages, it means anything but IP outages. Those links I shared explain what some of the causes could be, bad or slowly failing cable, firmware needing an update in your firewall or router or modem, or your provider has a signal level problem at the street level and they aren't acknowledging the problem.
The only way to know more in your case would be to get one or two neighbors to install an agent also so that we can correlate their data.

To get more info, you could always upgrade your reports for 30 days and that will show you historical data and other information that may or may not help. It may not help since you seem to be experiencing problems which aren't specifically IP related so the agent cannot log those, it can only tell you that's what seems to be happening.

You can know this because of what you aren't seeing, IP outages that would be logged by the agent.