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Are Internet problems in your local network or with your Internet provider? Don’t waste countless hours, let Outages help! Shows issues with YOUR Internet connection AND neighborhood. Gives you hard FACTS on what’s REALLY happening, reported or not.

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Automatically monitor your Internet service and provider with alerts to problems
Track Internet disconnections, provider outages with historical data, and automated speed testing.
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  • Free Internet troubleshooting agent for ARM based devices. Raspberry 3A, 3B+ and others. OutagesIO finds connectivity issues, gives you hard facts.
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    Do you have this working now?

  • Free Internet troubleshooting agent for Centos, Ubuntu and others. OutagesIO automatically finds connectivity issues and gives you hard facts.
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    No problem, glad it worked because sometimes, we can't do it :).

  • Free Internet troubleshooting agent for Windows 7, 8 and 10\. OutagesIO automatically finds connectivity issues and gives you hard facts.
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    Sorry for not answering to this before! :-(
    Please share your agent ID so I can take a look at it

  • Ask how a feature works, how agents work, anything related to non specific agent platforms
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    Were you able to resolve this? We're happy to help if you still need help.

  • Ask about our IoT devices or get help if you already purchased

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    BTW, what did it cost you to send those agents back so we can include that in the refund.

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    Thanks for posting your question.

    Here is what I see and with more information maybe we can figure out what is going on.

    New Agents become inactive, 2 still active, 4 total.png

    First, we need to eliminate 128292 because it isn't properly installed.
    From what I can see it looks like it was working, then you re-installed it and that installation never completed.
    What ever machine you installed this one on, you will need to make sure there aren't two agents installed on that same machine because we have seen cases where this can happen. If you have two, just remove both from the PC then use the re-install function in the agent's dashboard to re-install it.

    Next, I notice that all of these agents are in the Philippines which is fine but I see them all at the same address, all using the same provider. Is it safe for me to assume that you are trying to use OutagesIO to not only monitor the Internet service but also different LAN segments? Meaning, perhaps you have an agent installed on different floors and each as its our routing switch.

    Next, I need to understand what you mean by 'active' agents. Agents only go into another status based on if they can reach the OutagesIO network or not. As long as the agent software is running on the PC, does have the correct firewall rules, then it should be able to run normally.
    As you mention, those things are fine on the PC but it sounds like there is something else on the network that might be preventing some of the agents from communicating correctly.

    If you search for 'statuses' or 'inactive' on this support site, you'll find several explanations of what the different statuses mean.

    In the most basic sense, Inactive means the agent wasn't able to reach the OutagesIO network for around 20 seconds or more. If you see Disconnected, this means it's been at least a half hour.

    If all of these agents are on the same network, then you'll see different things potentially. Until I know more about how you are using all four and why they are in the same building, I'll have to wait to continue.