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Track Internet disconnections, provider outages with historical data, and automated speed testing.
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    When the agent first comes up, it may want to update its firmware so it would go through a several minutes long process of starting, checking, downloading the new firmware if needed, restarting, checking for new files as needed.

    If any of this was interrupted, it could lead to a problem, especially if this happened while it was writing its firmware.

    At one point, you saw the led flashing quickly then it settled into a slow flash which means that at that point, the slow flashing indicates it is now communicating with our network.

    I can see that it's seeing events and logging them.

    I do see it going Inactive over and over again however and since I only see one outage, this means to me that it is unable to reach the Internet for x number of seconds on a regular basis.
    Inactive only happens if it has not checked in with our network for around 29 seconds or so.

    So it seems that it's up and running now and activated so please let us know if there are any other issues.