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    Hi, sorry for the delay on this. The notification was lost or something.

    To be clear, you're moving the agent between two locations? We caution against that unless you reset the data each time otherwise, the data will make little sense as it will be a mix of two locations.

    Second, you're saying that when you move it to work, it works fine but at home it doesn't seem to work which means there is something different between the two locations. That said, the agent is just a DHCP client so as long as you have DHCP upstream, it just goes online.

    Since it's not doing that at one location, we need to dig into why.

    The LEDs work like this.
    The first LED is power, the third one is the activity of the code.
    When you first start the agent, after several seconds, you should see the third LED flashing quickly. Once it's received the agent from our network and is ready to run, it switches to a slower blink.

    I see it disconnected right now and the last location info was;

    Public IP x.x.60.68
    Provider given Not set
    LAN IP
    DNS used (first)
    DNS used (second)

    I assume this information was from the work location that worked then?

    So, the more obvious things are these.

    1 change the network cable, try another one. Make sure it's connected to the LAN port of the agent.

    2 Make sure that your router/firewall is handing out DHCP IPs, which it probably is but sometimes, the pool runs out if someone changed the pool size. It's possible the pool of IPs is exhausted so you might have to increase it a little.

    Can you check those things as a starting point.

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    I am assuming that your firewall is also your default gateway, if not then what follows could be incorrect.

    If I take a look at the hops recorded by all 3 SW agents (not only the one you mentioned) and the only HW agent, you will see that only the HW agent is having the first hop pointing to, the other ones go directly to an external IP without passing thru the firewall/gateway.

    So on one side either the Windows agents or the firewall is masking the direct hops or they are connected in a different way from the HW agent; I also saw that the 130435 was once connected in a different way since it had the same that now doesnt show up again.

    In the end, what does it mean?
    If the agent cannot determine where the LAN ends and the provider begins there is no way to give you a correct report about where the outage was and IF it was a network outage or a problem related to cabling (provider's end of cabling).

    If the firewall is NOT your default gateway then it would be nice to understand a bit more about the LAN topology to help to troubleshoot it but so far I haven't seen a wrong behavior from the agents you have installed.

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    Good to hear.

    Can you start a new post for the vendors if you don't mind, just in case someone else takes us up on the trial and will get confused in this question.

    In that post, we need a little info about how things are working and what the vendors need access to etc.