Automatically monitor your Internet service and provider with optional alerts to problems
Monitor your Internet services or devices to ensure they are always online. Tracks Internet connectivity and speeds with useful proof. For Windows, Linux, ARM (Raspberry, Tinker Board, etc).
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    Thank you!!! All reported times (pings, hops, etc) seem to be spot-on here. You guys are the absolute best!!

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    Thanks for clarifying.

    That method evolved because many members would never disable their emails when leaving the service and we found our domain getting blacklisted.

    At one point, we didn't have such a limitation so the network could end up sending hundreds upon hundreds of emails to a mail service. It didn't take long before we got blacklisted which affected any other members using the same mail services.

    Instead, we decided that since Inactive is something that someone should look into quickly if they are interested in such notifications, it made no sense to keep sending emails about the same thing.

    This also helped solve being blacklisted and affecting other members.

    Inactive notifications aren't outages, they aren't something the agent is able to detect, such as signal loss on coax and wireless based services. It's more of a notice that something is preventing the agent from communicating with the OutagesIO network.

    Hope this helps.

  • reconnect SW agent

    Solved Windows
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    The agent service should automatically start and stop when the PC comes up or goes down.

    Have you looked at the service to make sure it's running? It's called Echo Networks Service.

    When you installed, you were sure to be doing so as Administrator?

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    You're welcome. I forgot to allow you for posting, you're all set now without our having to moderate.

  • Windows Install

    Solved Windows
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    No problem.

    There is a bit of a learning curve but not too much. We've tried to make it as automatic as possible but like all tools, it does take a little reading and learning to understand how to use it.

    The site is mainly just our marketing site, it's where search engines and folks searching for a service like ours can learn about us.

    This site is for support but also contains quite a lot of information from us and others who have posted similar questions that can help others.

    The site is the service itself. It's a 100% custom built service which is why all three of these things aren't all in one service. It simply wasn't possible.

    My suggestion is that if you have an agent installed at this point, just let it run for a while. Data will start showing up as problems occur.

    Once it does, review the pages help and if you need more clarification, just post here including some details (not personal) and we'll try to help.

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    The installation of the agent is not provider related i.e. you can install the agent (the software you will install on each of your two PCs) and let the software run.

    If one computer is connected to Verizon 5G and the other one is connected to T-Mobile you simply have to check how many outages were accounted to each agent and you will know which is best for you.

    Otherwise, if you can have only one provider at a time for both computers then you can let the agent collect as much data as possible (let's say for one week) and check how many outages were collected; then you can RESET the agent's data (you will loose that historical info) and connect to the other provider to test it the same way you did it before

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    Trashing us publicly for trying to help you doesn't make any sense. You told us you have had up to 30 agents running and said it was great that it's free.

    As an admin yourself, surely you can appreciate the complexity of this problem. Even as a free member, we are still committed to helping because we want to find and solve the problem.

    The problem is not widespread. If it was, we would be hearing about it a lot but we aren't. You are running 2016 servers and it's quite the task to have a single software that runs across all Windows versions.

    Losing track is easy because it's a very long thread, and we've made other updates in some of the releases. The dev told me it was fixed in 1.75 but the log you sent us was 1.77 so clearly there is simply something that got out of sync.

    If the agent is not working for you, we do not know why. I can tell you that the Windows dev has been working on yet another release to try and improve the fixes recently made but I don't know if that will solve why only some of your agents are not working right.

    I'll reach out again to try and find out what he meant by pointing out 1.75 as being fixed.

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    Sorry it took so long to reply. For what ever reason, no notification was sent about this post. We'll look into that.

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    Thanks for posting your question.

    Here is what I see and with more information maybe we can figure out what is going on.

    New Agents become inactive, 2 still active, 4 total.png

    First, we need to eliminate 128292 because it isn't properly installed.
    From what I can see it looks like it was working, then you re-installed it and that installation never completed.
    What ever machine you installed this one on, you will need to make sure there aren't two agents installed on that same machine because we have seen cases where this can happen. If you have two, just remove both from the PC then use the re-install function in the agent's dashboard to re-install it.

    Next, I notice that all of these agents are in the Philippines which is fine but I see them all at the same address, all using the same provider. Is it safe for me to assume that you are trying to use OutagesIO to not only monitor the Internet service but also different LAN segments? Meaning, perhaps you have an agent installed on different floors and each as its our routing switch.

    Next, I need to understand what you mean by 'active' agents. Agents only go into another status based on if they can reach the OutagesIO network or not. As long as the agent software is running on the PC, does have the correct firewall rules, then it should be able to run normally.
    As you mention, those things are fine on the PC but it sounds like there is something else on the network that might be preventing some of the agents from communicating correctly.

    If you search for 'statuses' or 'inactive' on this support site, you'll find several explanations of what the different statuses mean.

    In the most basic sense, Inactive means the agent wasn't able to reach the OutagesIO network for around 20 seconds or more. If you see Disconnected, this means it's been at least a half hour.

    If all of these agents are on the same network, then you'll see different things potentially. Until I know more about how you are using all four and why they are in the same building, I'll have to wait to continue.