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    Hi Marc,

    The value is intended always for the download speed which is usually higher or equal to upload.
    Also the percentage, right below, is intended for download only even if the results are including also upload and latency.

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    You're welcome.

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    I'm assuming you didn't notice the mention in the purchase page. These agents have 100Mbps ports so with our app running on it, it would max out below 100Mbps.

    The point of the speed test isn't really to see if you can max out the connection but to see if you have a usable amount of bandwidth.

    For example, even with a 100Mbps max, if you were seeing 5 or 10Mbps for example, you would know there is something really wrong.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Mark,

    I recall during the tests we made that if the agent was connected to one network the speed tests were coming in correctly while connected on the other one they didnt.

    Is this the situation?

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    Yes, we are already testing a new version that is going to include also the upload speed test.

    I cannot give a precise time-frame yet but definitely we want to get there too :-)

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    @SBK Unfortunately, my extended subscription has expired, so I can no longer check it. Will renew again and let you know.

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    If you are paying for 80 download, then you have the setting correctly entered and from what I see, your average speed is 43.39 Mbps based on around 24 tests.

    It is consistently this rate so either something is using up some of your bandwidth and you're not aware of it or you are getting a bit over half of what you are being promised.

    Also, your upload speed seems to average around the 12Mbps also quite consistently.

    Other than finding something on your network that is using up bandwidth you're not aware of, then it appears you're not getting what you are paying for. We always suggest finding a neighbor or two that would be willing to install and comparing results.

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    Hi E.K.,

    Let me try to summarize what I see and lets check together if there is a clear explanation.

    Lets start with the inventory:

    128389, SW agent (Win 10 Pro), OTM version 1.69.2106 128316, SW agent (Win 10 Enterprise), OTM version 1.69.2106 128309, SW agent (Win 10 Pro), OTM version 1.69.2106 128313, HW agent (GLinet MT300N-V2), OTM version 1.67.2104

    Upload testing + Latency evaluation is available only from version 1.68.2105 and on the HW version we are still testing so this explains why you are not seeing the uploads on the HW agent: as soon as the testing period is over we will release the latest version and your agent will upgrade automatically.

    As far as I can see:

    agent 128309 was able to send proper download/upload/latency from Sep 20th when the version 2106 was installed agent 128316 was able to send proper download/upload/latency from Sep 11th when speed-test was enabled agent 128389 seems to be the tricky one since it started from yday right after 3 am

    The only thing we noticed is that some old Windows 10 builds were blocking some features of the OTM (the software that does the monitoring) and maybe (it is just an assumption) that pc/server was updated to the latest build.

    Can you please double check that so I can have a better understanding of this weird behavior?